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How can you experience true surround sound without harming your eardrum?

The answer is
Safe ‘N Sound.

Safe ’N Sound makes listening easy, with:
Revolutionary technology for premium sound
Design that fits the ear perfectly
Ear hooks for maximum, stress-free comfort
Freedom to do all your favorite activities — with

It’s perfect for:
• Travel
• Exercising
• Outdoor activities
• Kids, teenagers and audiophiles of all ages

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iPod mobile digital device is a
trademark of Apple Computer Inc.

Ordinary earphones direct sound onto the
delicate eardrum and could cause middle
ear injury.

Safe N' Sound Reverse Sound Technology
features a unique design with acoustic
chambers that direct the sound waves away
from the eardrum by facing the speaker
element s away from the ear canal.

safeNsound earphone reverse sound technology

The result is improved sound and
reduced potential for hearing damage.

Safe ’N Sound earphones are tailored to fit the
ear perfectly. Ear hooks keep the earphones in
place and the soft rubber ring snuggles in the
outer part of the ear to allow for stress-free
listening and maximum comfort.
No more itchy, painful ears!

Ideal for iPods and other mp3 players

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Ideal for iPods and other mp3 players

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